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                        云南天文台韩占文研究团组主要研究方向为双星演化及双星在天体物理中的应用,包括双星演化的基本物理过程、双星演化形成的特殊天体、双星星族合成、演化星族合成等。课题组与英国剑桥大学、牛津大学、美国UIUC香槟分校、Lawrence Livermore 国家实验室、德国马普天文研究所、波恩大学等有长期稳定的合作关系。























                       Postdoctoral positions on binaries with the LAMOST mid-resolution survey


                        Job Announcement Text:

                        The applicants are expected to work with Prof. Zhanwen HAN's group at Yunnan Observatories. Zhanwen HAN is an A&A Associate Editor, an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a member of the IAU Stellar Evolution Organizing Committee. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Cambridge in 1995, and has been working at Yunnan Observatories since then. He has broad research interests, including but not limited to binary evolution, binary-related objects (type Ia supernovae, hot subdwarfs, double degenerates, etc.), binary population synthesis, evolutionary population synthesis, and the far-UV excess of early-type galaxies. Recently, he has been working on binary observations with LAMOST (Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopy Telescope), more specifically with the mid-resolution survey (R ~ 7500), and is expected to participate in the future CSST (Chinese Space Station Telescope, to be launched in 2023) programme. The LAMOST mid-resolution survey project is capable of monitoring more than three thousand targets per exposure. It is planned to observe 3,000,000 sources in a five-year operation, with its two arms covering the wavelength ranges of 630–680 nm and 495–535 nm, respectively. As of this moment, the LAMOST mid-resolution survey has just finished a one-year commissioning and a one-year regular observation run, starting from September 2017, and has obtained more than 1,410,000 high-quality spectra.



                        1.The applicants, should their applications be successful, will be directly involved with the use of LAMOST mid-resolution survey data to conduct binary-related research.

                        2.The successful applicants will assist in mentoring MSc/PhD students in the use of LAMOST mid-resolution survey data and other observational data, to investigate the basic properties of the binary population and to search for binary-related peculiar stars/candidates.

                        3.They will also attend and present analysis results in collaboration meetings and lead the writing of scientific papers. Some national and international travel may be required.



                        PhD (or to be awarded before September 2020) in Astrophysics. We prefer applicants who have a strong observational background and some experience with the use of observational data, with an emphasis on large spectroscopic surveys.


                        Pay and Benefits

                        We offer a salary of 200,000-300,000 RMB Yuan per year, and free lodging at an apartment on campus at Yunnan Observatories for the duration that the position is held, as well as access to a heavily subsidized on-site canteen. The duration of the contract is for two years initially, and can be further extended by up to another two years. Research expenses, including conference/observing travel, will be reimbursed as they are incurred.


                        Documents Required:

                        CV with a list of publications, a 2-page statement of research experience, a 2-page research proposal, two recommendation letters, and any inquiries directly e-mailed to Prof. Dr. Zhanwen HAN (zhanwenhan@ynao.ac.cn).





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